Book 1, The Scepter of the AncientsEdit

"With his sunglasses gone there was no denying the fact that he had no face. All he had was a skull for a head."

Meet Skulduggery Pleasant: wise-cracking detective, powerful magician, sworn enemy of evil.

Oh yes and dead.

All ov them

It was at Gordon's funeral, however, that Stephanie Edgely first caught sight of the gentleman in the tan overcoat. He was standing under the shade of a large tree away from the crowd, the coat buttoned up all the way despite the warmth of the afternoon. A scarf was wrapped around the lower half of his face and even her position on the far side of the grave, Stephanie could make out the wild and frizzy hair that escaped from the wide brimmed hat he wore low over his gigantic sunglasses. She watched him intrigued by his appearance. And then, like he knew he was being observed, he turned and walked back through the rows of headstones, and disappeared from sight.

There are two types of mages, or sorcerers-Adepts practise one branch of magic, Elementals practise another. Adepts are more aggresive; their techniques are more powerful. In contrast an elemental, such as myself, chooses the quieter course and works on mastering their command of the elemants.

"Not all the clothes I make are merely examples of exquisite tailoring. Sometimes, if the situation arises, special requirements are catered for." "Such as keeping you safe until this whole thing is over" Skulduggery said."Ghastley can make you a suit, nothing too formal,which could very possibly save your life."Fashion," said Ghastley with a shrug "it's life or death." His pen was at the ready, "So, once more, do you have a favorite colour to wear?"

My name is Valkyrie Cain.Valkyrie

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